Spiderweb Nails

Professor Roxanne has a very bad student in her Philosophy class that just played on her phone and didn’t do any of the classwork all semester. Like all of her lazy students, this one wants an A now that the semester is over and she’s failed her exam. 


Roxanne takes her Philosophy class very seriously and refuses to barter with her student in exchange for a better grade. But, the student knows a weakness of her professor’s that some of the other students told her about. Roxanne cannot stand to have her feet tickled.


The student slowly starts teasing the soles of Roxanne’s feet with the tips of her nails, seeing what kind of reaction she’d get. She begs and begs and begs for the better grade, but when Ms. Rae refuses to give in, she resorts to all-out tickle-torture. Roxanne can only hold on for so long before she gives in to her student’s superior negotiation tactics and awards her a much-undeserved A in the class.